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UV Bonding

Ablyglass strive to innovate and to continuously acquire fresh competences in new products areas and, eventually, new technologies. Truly committed to deliver nothing but the best of services and products we are pleased to be able to offer professional UV bonding services and products to our customers throughout London. This innovative method delivers excellent results and products with high aesthetic and functional value. At Ablyglass we continuously improve the industry knowledge and skills of our specialists – due to the specifics of the UV bonding our team is extensively trained and working to a very high standard of health and safety. The UV Bonding technology involves specialist skills, advanced manufacturing processes and materials whereby, typically two pieces of glass are glued together using a UV curing adhesive, which is cured by either a UV light or UV activator. Final harness of the product is achieved via intense UV light exposure. The finished bond is crystal clear or highly transparent ensuring the excellent aesthetic and decorative qualities of the products. Almost instant curing times, high durability, stability, professional look and feel are amongst some of the advantages of the UV bonding method. To guarantee maximum strength and safety – all Ablyglass UV bonding products are made using the finest adhesive on the market and premium quality glass materials. In order to deliver the high standard of quality our name stands for all our UV bonding products are fully tested both in our workshop and onsite. Considering our customers’ individual requirements Ablyglass offer a variation of the service whereby metal elements such as stainless steel or aluminium hinges, knobs and locks are also UV Bonded to the glass which delivers that stylish and practical look and feel! UV Bonding is a great way to overcome the space limitations of the typical urban living or business environments. At Ablyglass we will be happy to offer you our industry knowledge and expertise and bring your vision to reality.

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