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Fire Resistant Glass

Fire Resistant GlassAblyglass offer a range of fire-resistant glass types is available offering increasing levels of protection, which is measured in defined time periods (30, 60, 90, 120 and 180 minutes) and in terms of Integrity and Insul

ation or Integrity only as designated by the European Standards.

Pyrostop® and Pyrodur® are fire-resistant glasses that are specifically designed to provide consistently high levels of protection against fire together with the full range of properties traditionally associated with glass:

  •   Fully approved according to the relevant standards.
  •  For use in a whole variety of building applications as fire-resistant glazing.
  •  Very comprehensive choice of approved fire-resistant systems.
  •  Design options available to optimise glazing performance concerning energy control, solar control, acoustic insulation, security and safety.

Advantages of Fire Resistant Glass:

  •   Restricts spread of flames, smoke and hot gases
  •   It can be used in multi-panel applications
  •   Can be glazed into softwood, hardwood and steel frames
  •   Available in clear and textured versions
  •   Cost effective fire resistant solutions available
  •   Tested in widest range of sizes and applications
  •   Easy to maintain
  •   Readily available
  •   Accepted by Fire and Building Control Authorities
  •   Acts as deterrent to would-be intruders

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